How to choose a company for carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a must for the hygienic environment in the space. In choosing a reliable carpet cleaner, ensure that the Company fulfills minimum requirements laid down for the profession. Their cleaning experts must have certification in the profession as prescribed in RIA and IICRC. Uncertified experts may get success, but it may be attributed to luck. The cleaning experts are trained to use right chemical or enzyme in cleaning considering the fabric, stain and color of the carpet. Use of the healthy material in cleaning and how to provide perfect safety in the process is also made known to them.


The most recommended method of carpet cleaning is by using “Truck mounted Hot Water Extraction”. So only those companies should be approached that follow this process in cleaning carpets. Ask for the professional cleaners’ references and contact those references to know the performance of the company. The company should be the member of the BBB with the reputation of good performance.

Never go for Companies offering much less price like $ 9.95 per room because with this offer these companies can not afford to use hot water extraction equipment that is a must for quality cleaning. Moreover, ordinary chemicals cannot work perfectly to remove strains without discoloring the carpet, so special enzymes that are costlier are employed in cleaning. Ensure quality provided by the cleaner to past customers. Companies offering cleaning rates per square meter should be given a preference instead of those who offer per room.


Make sure that the carpet cleaning Company is bonded and insured to face all legal troubles in case of a mishap. Look physically the relevant certificates. Go for a carpet cleaner that is in the profession for long time because their long stay in the profession is an indication of sure payment to damages done by them in the home while cleaning the carpets. The insurance of the Company should be for General liability as well as a bond. In General liability insurance, coverage is provided for slipping of homeowner due to over wetting of the carpet. In bond insurance, coverage is given if some article of a home gets stolen during the cleaning process. For breakage of an item in the house during cleaning, another insurance coverage is needed, so it is advisable to keep all fragile articles away from the reach of the cleaning machine.


It is advisable to choose that carpet cleaning company that employs its employees for carpet cleaning instead of subletting the work to other petty contractors. If it is subletting the work to others, they may not have proper certifications or insurances creating a hurdle in execution.


Ensure that the carpet cleaning process adopted is providing clean carpet. Before applying liquid for cleaning, it must be groomed and vacuumed to get rid of dust. If not done, dust below the carpet will again get stacked to carpets showing stains. Companies offering sanitizing, deodorizing and providing an effective protective coating on carpet should be prioritized. Those offering some guarantee should be considered as a top choice.

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