5 Free Tools and Apps for Instagram Marketing

By | September 21, 2022

Many companies have been communicating with clients and selling on Instagram for a long time. For some, getting traffic to the online store or website is important. For others, it is a possibility to increase brand recognition. And some use Instagram as a place to communicate with subscribers and clients or for technical support. Depending on what your priority goals are, the right tools can be selected.

Instagram Stories and Live Stories

Stories, if you’re interested in getting free Instagram followers, have grown in popularity by leaps and bounds in recent years. More and more people are logging into Stories and viewing them daily. For many users, Stories have become an alternative to a YouTube channel or TV. The interaction rate of followers with your account and Stories is significant. The more people click on your Stories, participate in polls, tap the screen to see a slide, and leave a reaction, the more often the system algorithms will show that person your Stories. To achieve high reach, you need to motivate people to take these actions. Favorites for editing Stories are Quik App and StoryArt. Both work for Apple owners and on Android. Here you can make gorgeous Stories in animation in 5-10 minutes, add dynamics and sound, and make the content way cooler.

Beautiful Insta-tape

When we talk about the feed, we understand that a person scrolling analyzes your brand’s account in a fraction of a second. He understands in that split second whether the brand is interesting, whether he will subscribe to the account, whether the feed is coolly designed, and whether the profile header is clear. The decision to subscribe and follow the page is influenced by the last 9-12 posts. Try to select the best Instagram apps to promote your business to work with different grid formats, and assess what your brand or company visually fits best. How do you create a beautiful feed? UNUM, an app for creating a beautiful Instagram feed in a specific style that works on Android and iOS, can help. The free plan includes one Instagram account, 18 cells for a visual feed, and the ability to publish up to 500 photo and video posts per month. The app is suitable for those who plan their brand’s visual content for the month ahead.


Highlights are a showcase for your brand. They are located right under the page header and help quickly orient subscribers to where what, and what your products are relevant, how to find you, and what people are saying about you. Highlights can show what’s current in your business or sales assortment. You can post answers to frequently asked questions, service or product prices, reviews, maps, promotions, announcements and posters, and searches.

User-generated Content  

People believe other people. User-generated content examples increase brand credibility twofold and are remembered 35% better than other ads. UGC gains, on average, 28% more engagement than content from a brand. In addition, about 8% of users think having this content is a good indicator of a brand. Of course, this is a statistic, but it can be tested in practice.

Bloggers and Opinion Leaders

You can search for bloggers in special applications. For example, you can use Publicfast. Here you can find an opinion leader for a brand or category, by city or budget. You can choose a performer and set him a task immediately through the platform, and the blogger confirms the order there. Also, based on the budget and the cost of the blogger’s post on Facebook or Instagram, you can choose one top opinion leader or several micro-influencers.