How Social Media Can Impact Your Financial and Mental Health

By | November 3, 2021

We often pick up our smartphones to complete a quick task like responding to an official text or making a call. But we usually end up in hours-long scrolling. There is no doubt social media is designed to connect people all over the world that is very useful for living in this global village, but extensive use of it may result in serious financial and mental issues.

How social media causes mental illness

Social media causes depression in several people. People all around the globe are comparing their lifestyles with social media icons. Social media has lowered the quality of conversation, some people even use it to avoid physical conversations. Studies have shown that using social media for more than 3 hours a day increases the risk of mental illness.

Since teenagers are considered to be less mature, so many of them are experiencing cyberbullying and online harassment on social media that has increased the suicide rate to a horrible extent.

Social media is increasing the negative vibes all around society. Many people are just there to troll others, which is resulting in an increase in terror and blackmail cases.

Balanced use of social media

Like any other thing, social media has both pros and cons. It may lead to loneliness and comparisons among the people, or it may result in the establishment of a good relationship. All you have to do is to have a balanced use to avail more benefits and avoid its terrible effects.

Balancing social media means you don’t allow your life to revolve continuously around likes, comments, and followers. There is a number of people who consider the likes and followers as a booster of their confidence and once they don’t get enough followers they get demotivated. So before doing any post, you should be confident enough not to let anybody else control your life.

An important step in the procedure of social media balancing is not to compare yourself with other people out there just by seeing some good pictures of them. One should understand that what someone uploads on social media is just a good moment of his life. We should limit our social media timings, by doing so we will be able to do much productive stuff in that time other than just scrolling.

How social media affects finances

Social media may cause a quick rise in your expenses because you have to buy expensive internet bundles if you want to run your social media accounts.

But the wise use of the internet may provide you with financial aid. Like there are several online earning platforms you can use to earn a decent income. You can use your social media accounts to learn several subjects without paying hundreds of dollars to tuition centers. Before doing a big purchase, one can reach out to the user’s reviews to avoid any loss. Along with it, one can follow his favorite stores to avail of the amazing discounts. To give a quick rise to your business you can post ads there which is quite cheaper than other options. So we can say that people are saving money with social media.