How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

By | April 26, 2021

A personal injury claim usually takes one or two years to be settled. However, the frame is not definite because of the influence of certain factors. It is a long time but definitely worth the wait if you have good reasons to wait. Most people are eager to settle for some quick money if they are unable to work, have piling medical bills, and other expenses. However, the long-term impact of the injury and money you are about to receive- should always be considered.

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Some of the factors that will have an impact on the timeframe include:

The severity of your injury

The impact of your injury can range from a mildly sprained wrist to permanent damage to the body or brain. Typically, minor injuries tend to be settled faster.  An insurance company will try to order countless medical records and avoid your phone calls when you have an expensive claim. In this scenario, it is important for a highly trained attorney who can be able to circumvent such dodgy moves.

Identifying the offended and the guilty

Everything about the law must be clear and definite. You cannot operate in the middle of certainty and uncertainty. The plaintiff should be accusing the defendants of the damages they’ve caused. If there is a variation of stories among parties and witnesses, then the insurance is unlikely to make a reasonable settlement.

If there is no liable party, the insurer will assume your claim has flaws (there is no real and definite party to be sued) and will not make any reliable offer until the judge says otherwise.

Need for careful medical treatment or surgery

Some extreme cases and injuries need special attention. Some injuries are so severe that they may alter one’s neurological or physical impact.  This means that the process of healing will take longer. If this is the case, certain processes like surgery, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and complex medical issues must occur. The period taken to assess the worth of your injury will certainly take longer.

Your attorney should be quick on his feet and sit with medical experts and life planners concerning your recovery, medical care, and other needs.

Whether you are represented or unrepresented

Never have an injury claim without a good injury attorney. It can be frustrating. You want to fight with a stick while the other guy has a flamethrower. You are going to lose to the insurance adjuster. He or she will push your buttons especially if there is a slight inconsistency with the claimant’s medical record or bill. An adjuster will typically not make a settlement offer.