How Many Days Will Medicare Pay for Physical Therapy?

By | July 29, 2020

Physical therapy is essential for the recovery of the patients, and according to doctors, physical therapy is medically necessary to treat an injury or illness. There are many diseases, after which physical therapy and exercise are essential to fully recover, such as Parkinson’s disease, heart stroke, and any surgery. There are two types of Medicare. The first type includes hospital insurance, and the second one covers outpatient treatment, most insurance plans cover physical therapy medical billing.
The services of Medicare differ according to the situation. The length of the payment done by Medicare for physical therapy also depends on the circumstances and setting that has been made. 


Two different types of Medicare deals with inpatients and outpatients. The payment and duration of payment are different for both. The first Medicare that deals with the patient’s inpatients and needs to be treated within the rehabilitation center pays for some or all of the cost of physical therapy depends on the patient as it varies from individual to individual. Some patients are recovered at the hospital and sent home, but they provide such patients with nursing facilities at home for nearly three days. For outpatient, the law of Medicare doesn’t put any limits on how much it pays for the physical therapy; it is paid until the necessary treatment is done, and the patient has been fully recovered. The duration of payments made by Medicare for patients’ treatment is at least three hours a day, five days a week, and Medicare covers all the fees for 90 days. In senior patients, the setting is entirely different because you have to deal with senior or old patients with more care as they are highly sensitive. If a senior patient is sent home after being treated in the hospital, they may receive therapy from a health agency where a skilled nurse or registered therapist will spend time with the senior patient and help them recover. Home health care lasts up to 60 days in total. According to a survey, Medicare pays for 5 million adults’ physical therapy, including people with disabilities per year, and it can last up to 90 days. If renewal is necessary, it can be made possible.


Once it is made necessary by the doctors that a patient needs physical therapy, Medicare has to pay for therapy costs up to 90 days. According to a survey done in 2020, Medicare pays up to $2080 for the therapy.  Earlier in 2019, the Medicare rules were a bit different as they paid only 85% of the cost for outpatients, but it has changed. Physical therapy is an essential part of the treatment for a variety of conditions. It allows the patients to fully recover their body, relieve pain, and strengthen their bodies. Medicare plays a vital role in the health of the patients as it pays for their therapy because many patients worldwide can’t afford physical therapy. If by chance, the physical therapy cost exceeds $3000, a medical review is conducted to see if the price spent was necessary or not.