How to clean a hoarder house?

By | February 19, 2021

Cleaning a hoarder house is not an easy task as it is time-consuming and requires a lot of cleaning and organizational skills. Often, cleaning detergents and chemicals are required together with energy and willingness. “Modern Maids Austin” house cleaning services are efficient services available for reach out in case you need help. A hoarder house is not conducive to humans as it is a poor environment and might lead to infections and fatal diseases. Keep your space clean by following simple procedures.

Sort items

A hoarder house has a lot of everything everywhere. Organizational skills are handy in this part as one needs to sort items in the space. Identify items that are in good condition and can be kept for future use. In line with this, identify items in good conditions that can be donated to places they can be of use.

Most items in a hoarder house are used less often and most likely in bad shape for future use. Such items should be well disposed of and ensure they do not affect the environment negatively.

Have a cleaning strategy

Be prepared with all the cleaning equipment needed to clean the floor, walls, and window panes. In case the mold is far much spread, find the efficient detergent to stop the spread on the floor and dump areas. Most times such areas are infected with insects and pests that is why insecticides are handy. Caution and safety tools such as gloves and face masks are important to avoid inhaling the chemicals that may be harmful to the body.

Study the room and start with the areas that need lesser energy to clean and gradually move to the areas that need more energy and thorough cleaning.

Disinfect surfaces

Cleaning entails visible and invisible dirt. Most times the invisible dirt includes viruses and bacteria. Hard to tell their presence in the room unless one uses special visual equipment. Disinfecting surfaces work best in eliminating such dirt. This includes countertops and window seals all the way to sinks and low walls. This is beneficial to the surfaces deeply affected by mold and other microbial armies. It also keeps the place hygienically clean and conducive for human living.

Repair the home

In case there is broken furniture that needs to be fixed, broken cabinet doors, or electronics that can be repaired, they need to be tended to. This tries to restore the original organization of the room and make the place look neat. Ask for help with items that need special expert attention. To restore the appearance of wooden items, furnish can be done on the surfaces and left to dry.

Ventilate the room

After thorough cleaning either before arranging the things back or after arranging things, open the window to allow in the fresh air. Take the dump items outside in the sun to dry well. This kills the mold and fungus that do well in dark and damp areas. The more sun’s rays can reach the room, the better. Do not use a heavy curtain before all the dampness in the room dries. Do this for several days until freshness is restored in the room.

A hoarder room requires more than physical energy to clean as knowledge and skills are equally important. The above tips should be able to help you clean, alternatively, reach out for help at house cleaning company.